Support Staff

Nina is a Paralegal in the Denver office.  Nina received her Paralegal Certificate from the Denver Paralegal Institute.  She has worked in numerous types of law since receiving her Paralegal education which have been; personal injury, litigation, business organizations, bankruptcy and estate planning.  All of them have given her a great deal of knowledge but estate planning, by far, has been her favorite type of law.

Nina grew up in southern Texas and she speaks fluent Spanish.  If you notice, she still carries that southern Texas accent.  She grew up with 7 siblings and had a terrific time with all of them.  Her family moved from Texas to Colorado in 1976.  She has lived in several states including Nebraska and New Mexico and has enjoyed living in each of them.   Outside of work, she spends a lot of time with her son, Jerrad, her siblings, nieces/nephews and her 19 great nieces and nephews.  She goes by “Granty” which is short for great-aunt. She also enjoys traveling to small towns and enjoys learning the town’s history.  Nina enjoys cooking, learning the mechanics of a car and the thing she loves most is Sundays when she attends Red Rocks Church where her nephew is a pastor.


999 18th Street
South Tower/ Suite S-3100
Denver, CO 80202
(303) 816-8888