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July 11, 2016

2016 Real Estate Law Series – Fort Collins




Join CP2 & NCCAR for the 2016 Real Estate Law Series.
The series features four presentations discussing various real estate law topics.
Come to one, come to all, each presentation is CE certified.
Seating is limited and will fill quickly!

To RSVP: Please fill out and return the registration form to or
call (970) 225-6700!

RSVP Deadlines: One week prior to each presentation.

Fort Collins


All presentations are from 9:30am-12:00pm & will be held at:
The Group, Inc. (2803 East Harmony Road, Fort Collins)

  • Friday, August 26th: Overlooked & Underestimated       
  • Friday, September 23rd: The New Age of Foreclosure and Bankruptcy     
  • Friday, October 21st: Protecting against the unexpected            
  • Friday, November 4th: Land Use & Entitlements, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?



Curtis Sears Web

Overlooked & Underestimated:
Understanding and Explaining Title Insurance Commitments and Property Legal Descriptions

Featuring: Curtis Sears

Overview: Every real estate sale/purchase involves them, and we generally know what they do, but do we really understand the title insurance commitment and property’s legal description?  Could you explain to your clients the contents, meaning and importance?  Can you spot possible problems or errors?  What responsibility does a real estate broker have with respect to the title commitment and legal description?  Often overlooked and underestimated, they are fundamental and essential components to the transfer of real property and we may not know as much about them as we think…or should.

_0001s_0002_Deanne R. Stodden, Esq._0001s_0000_Robert D. Lantz, Esq.

The New Age of Foreclosure and Bankruptcy:
Creative Solutions and Opportunities

Featuring: Deanne R. Stodden & Robert D. Lantz

Overview: This class, taught by one of Colorado’s most experienced foreclosure law attorneys, will discuss the basic procedure for public trustee foreclosure and judicial foreclosure in Colorado as well as the issues that arise during the process. Also, a primer on bankruptcy impact on real estate deals, foreclosures and what attorneys and real estate folks need to be aware of.

_0001s_0004_Clay Bartlett 4.web_0001s_0012_Jacob Paul 4Protecting against the unexpected (not just a topic for high school kids):
Lessons in Negotiating and  Enforcing Lease Agreements

Featuring: R. Clay Bartlett & Jacob W. Paul

Overview: The laws regarding liabilities of landlords and tenants, and the conventional ways parties attempt to address those liabilities in lease agreements, can result in unintended consequences This presentation covers various issues and pitfalls parties to a lease can fall into if their agreements are not carefully considered and negotiated.

_0001s_0013_G. Brent Coan 3.web_0001s_0000_Bill Garcia 1.web

Land Use and Entitlements, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
A Review of Zoning, Subdivision and Comprehensive Plans as
Authorized Governmental Regulation of Land Uses

Featuring: G. Brent Coan & Willaim “Bill” F. Garcia

Overview: Recent controversial cases such as the uncommon development and Capstone Cottages show that entitlement can be a significant and expensive part of development. This highly interactive session will demonstrate important reasons to consider zoning and permitting issues at the beginning of the property acquisition process.