Land Use Planning & Zoning Law

CP2 Provides Legal Services in the Areas of Land Use Planning & Zoning Law All Throughout Colorado.

Land Use Permitting – Navigating through the entitlement and land use permitting process can be a complicated and costly part of land development. CP2’s land use planning lawyers have deep experience working through complex local and state regulations and in fostering relationships with all players in the regulatory process. We can help shepherd your project through the approval process while minimizing friction, delay and cost.

Zoning and Rezoning – Sometimes more than a permit is required – it is necessary to request a rezoning from the local government, changing entitlements on a property. Rezoning is a complex process requiring thorough knowledge of zoning law and attention to details. CP2 attorneys have the skills to make the rezoning process manageable and successful.

Real Estate – Land use permitting is often a required part of complex real estate transactions. Our real estate team is highly experienced in the interplay of permitting and deal making, and can assist clients throughout the process.

Environmental Compliance – Land development and redevelopment often involves dealing with local, state and federal environmental regulations. CP2 attorneys have a Rock Solid® understanding of the environmental regulations and can help ensure that projects comply with those legal regulations and permitting requirements.

Water Supply Issues – All land development in Colorado must include sufficient water supplies or participate in local fee-in-lieu programs. Often local governments also require water rights to be transferred as part of the development process. Our attorneys are familiar with the water issues involved with development projects and can assist clients when securing water rights and complying with local permitting requirements.

Conservation – Whether voluntarily or as required by local governments, land owners are often in need of assistance in conserving land. The attorneys at CP2 are well equipped to assist with conservation easements and other methods of preserving important land. We are experienced in navigating the Colorado tax credit program and federal tax requirements. Also, we are familiar with local and state conservation programs and regulations, and how they impact landowners.

Oil and Gas and Mineral Interests – Colorado has a “split estate” system, where oil & gas and mineral interests can be conveyed separately from the surface estate. It is important for landowners and developers to understand how oil & gas or other mineral interests impact surface development options. Our team of attorneys combine their expertise in these matters to assist landowners to understand and protect their property rights within this complex system. We can help developers navigate the complexities of mineral development during land development projects.

Business Formation – When developing land, it is important to pick the right business form to protect the interests of individual and corporate investors and developers. Our business law attorneys have extensive experience in business formation related to real estate and development.

CP2’s land use team is deeply focused on our clients’ goals. Whether you are individual landowner looking for entitlements or permits to develop or conserve land, a business or organization looking to develop a project, or a professional consultant needing legal expertise to assist your clients, our attorneys are readily available.