Oil & Gas Law

CP2'S Oil & Gas Law Attorneys Take a Team Approach to Meeting Our Clients' Diverse Legal Needs with Creative Solutions.

CP2’s oil and gas attorneys are well equipped to handle the significant land use, surface development and planning issues that can arise with ongoing or anticipated oil and gas development. We can also assist you with matters ranging from oil and gas lease negotiations to surface use agreements and reclamation issues. Allow CP2’s oil and gas lawyers to help you navigate through the complexities of mineral rights and oil and gas development throughout Colorado.

Our oil and gas team provides comprehensive guidance and representation for all oil and gas issues including:

  • Acquisition and Negotiation of Pipeline Rights of Way and Easement Agreements
  • Determination of Heirship Proceedings to Clarify Mineral Ownership
  • Development and surface use Agreements
  • Division of Oil and Gas Interests in Divorce
  • Eminent Domain
  • Estate and Tax Planning with Oil and Gas Rights and Revenue
  • Farm-out/Farm-in Agreements
  • Fracturing (“Fracking”) Operations and Issues
  • Joint Operating Agreements
  • Leases, Royalties, and Division and Transfer Orders
  • Litigation
  • Mineral Title Curative Work & Due Diligence
  • Oil and Gas Well Liens and Foreclosure
  • Pipeline Easement Agreements
  • Pooling and Segregation
  • Probate or Other Distribution of Mineral Rights and Quiet Title of Oil and Gas Interests
  • Regulatory Issues and Administrative Hearings
  • Royalty & Lease Conveyances and disputes
  • Seismic Operations and Geophysical Permits
  • Split Estate Issues and Reasonable Accommodation
  • Water Supply Operations

Our oil and gas attorneys also have significant experience handling numerous real property issues arising from past, present or prospective oil and gas exploration and development. We understand how to identify and work through varied and difficult oil and gas issues. Our experience benefits mineral owners, surface owners, oil and gas producers, oil and gas service providers and real estate developers. CP2 is ready to assist clients with virtually any oil and gas right or development issue.