Mergers & Acquisitions

CP2's M&A Practice Group Consists of Experienced & Highly Pragmatic Attorneys.

CP2’s team of Mergers & Acquisitions attorneys bring expertise and experience to a wide variety of domestic and international clients with various forms of M&A transactions. These transactions include traditional acquisitions, divestitures and mergers, Section 338 elections, restructurings, recapitalizations, management buy-outs and joint ventures. We work in a pragmatic and cost-efficient manner to assist clients with their U.S. mergers and acquisitions and to successfully cross the deal finish line.

Some of the ways we regularly assist our clients include:

  • Prepare letters of intent, term sheets, MOUs and other preliminary documents;
  • Provide legal due diligence review, including for potential liabilities such as environmental, tax, litigation, labor and employment, real estate, FCPA/Anti-bribery laws, and US export compliance concerns;
  • Negotiate and draft deal documents (such as purchase agreements, non-competes, consulting agreements, escrow agreements, title transfer documents, ancillary documents, certificates and instruments, and other forms of deal documents);
  • Coordinate and provide legal services in connection with financing arrangements;
  • Provide tax and transaction structure analysis to ensure maximum tax and other benefits;
  • Coordinate the activities of other professionals who may be involved in the transaction, such as investment bankers, CPAs, insurance brokers, environmental consultants and foreign attorneys; and
  • Provide legal support for post-closing and transitional activities.

On the buy side of transactions, the attorneys in CP2’s Mergers & Acquisitions Practice Group have experience representing both strategic buyers and financial buyers (such as private equity groups) in a variety of transactions spanning a broad spectrum of industries. On the sell side, our attorneys assist founders and owners to ensure that all of their objectives in connection with the transaction, such as compensation, tax benefits, continuity of business, and intellectual property, are properly addressed.

Our M&A transaction experience includes the following industries:

  • Technology companies, such as SaaS and other types of software companies, video technology companies, and other companies with valuable intellectual property rights.
  • Energy and other service providers, such as consulting firms, engineering firms, oil & gas, and insurance advisors
  • Real estate, such as real estate developers, real estate investment trusts, restaurants, and other types of commercial real estate businesses
  • Manufacturing and construction companies, such as equipment and appliance providers, component manufacturers, products for heavy industries, and makers of other parts and products
  • Transportation and aviation entities
  • Retail and Distribution, such as home & garden companies, food processing companies, breweries

We invite you to contact one of our M&A attorneys to obtain more information. We look forward to helping you with a merger, sale or acquisition transaction and deciding the best course of action for your business.