Bankruptcy & Reorganizations

Our Bankruptcy & Reorganization's Team are Experienced & Highly Resourceful Attorneys.

Our Bankruptcy and Reorganization attorneys represent secured and unsecured creditors, bankruptcy trustees, creditors’ committees and corporate debtors in all aspects of insolvency proceedings, both inside and outside of federal bankruptcy courts.

CP2’s Bankruptcy services include:

  • Client representation in all aspects of Chapter 11 proceedings;
  • Pursuing and protecting against various actions, including preferences, fraudulent transfer, lien avoidance actions, non-dischargeability claims, imposition of constructive trusts, and corporate veil-piercing;
  • Pursuing and protecting against relief from stay motions, cash collateral motions and adequate protection proceedings;
  • Negotiating and appropriately addressing proposed plans for reorganization of corporate affairs;
  • Pursuing and protecting against objections to creditors’ claims;
  • Petitioning for the appointment of trustees and examiners.

Additionally, given the complex nature of bankruptcy proceedings, and the fact that some of the most delicate issues that arise in the context of those proceedings are non-bankruptcy in nature, Coan, Payton & Payne, LLC’s Bankruptcy and Reorganization Attorneys are able to draw upon their backgrounds in banking, finance, real estate and litigation to provide additional value and capability to our clients. Furthermore, Coan, Payton & Payne, LLC’s tax and corporate attorneys are at our client’s disposal to assist with additional transactional issues that may arise in the context of a bankruptcy or reorganization.